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About Us

Printerpix is the perfect choice when you want to gift your special moments to people you love and care about. Each memory is precious - either you celebrate the birthday or family event; want to preserve your child’s first moments or amazing adventure - Printerpix takes your story and converts into a thoughtful gift that elicits a smile. We put all our energy to design unique photo products that best reflect your love and passions.

At Printerpix, we believe that love is the most noble feeling and gifting it is the greatest, self-less experience that brings people closer to one another. Ultimately bringing people together is the mission of Printerpix and we hope that we can make each day brighter by bringing happiness and joy each time you unwrap a Printerpix gift.

From very humble beginnings and from an idea born out of London, England, Printerpix has become a brand serving millions of people worldwide. Not only do we do everything to bring people together, our corporate offices in London, Orlando and Bangalore have people that represent over 50 nations.

We work together as a family and hand craft every design, email, product and memory.

Everything we do comes from a passion to serve and every smile we bring, brings us delight.

Every item we manufacture comes out of either our London or Orlando facilities. With over 200 different types of machines and over 50 different manufacturing processes, we print, stick, cut and paste every item onto the material you select. Our teams then do everything possible to ship your items within 10 working days and we do everything to ensure during busy periods that we are working round the clock seven days a week. We serve millions of customers worldwide and have today served over 5 million customers and delivered more than 20 million products. We have over 350 worldwide staff who work endlessly to serve our global audience and assure you that although we aren’t perfect, we will try to make good on every product that we produce. If you are not fully satisfied with your order, then we will reprint it until you are satisfied.

Each and every day our operational staff work to optimise the process for speed and efficiency and our teams work tirelessly to improve quality. We don’t rest until we know that you’ve received that perfect photo gift. We are always here to ensure you are fully satisfied. 

Our engineers, marketers, designers and customer service staff have a passion for making your memory great and we are grateful to all of them for ensuring your memories arrive perfectly at your door.

We hope that we serve you in bringing joy to others and we always value your feedback.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you.