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The customer is obliged to personally familiarise himself with the rules and regulations associated with sending and receiving parcels to and from abroad. In addition, the customer must ensure that the correct documentation follows the parcel so that forwarding is quick and correct.

Tax- and duty-free parcels
Parcels from abroad with an item value of up to NOK 200, and gift parcels from a private individual to a private individual with an item value of up to NOK 1000 are tax- and duty-free, with certain exceptions.

Simplified customs clearance
All consignments of goods imported with an item value of more than NOK 200 are liable to tax. That is to say, VAT must always be paid, while most item groups are duty-free. In order for the payment of duty to be as easy and reasonable as possible, Norway Post has created a simplified customs clearance solution for parcels with a value of NOK 200 and NOK 1000 for private individuals. This solution has been approved by Norwegian Customs and can be used for most items.

This means that:
  • Norway Post will calculate the duty on the parcel (in accordance with the Customs Act) and forward this to the post office you will collect it at. 
  • Norway Post will send you a collection message stating the amount you need to pay when it is handed over.
  • You can collect the parcel at your collection post office 
  • As you are paying taxes and the price of simplified customs clearance when you collect the parcel, you will have personally cleared the item for customs purposes and can use it 
  • Norway Post will take care of the payment of taxes to Norwegian Customs
  • Your personal identification number will not be given to Norwegian Customs during simplified customs clearance.

Ordinary payment of duty
Duty must be paid on parcels with an item value greater than NOK 1000, with restrictions and/or duty (e.g. tobacco goods and alcoholic drinks) in the normal manner, i.e. via Norwegian Customs' electronic system, TVINN.

Norway Post will calculate the basis for duty on your parcel directly upon its arrival from abroad. Then the parcel will be sent on as soon as possible to your local collection office. You will give Norway Post authority for the payment of duty when you pay the charge for the parcel and provide a receipt that you have received this.

Question 1:
Why do I need to pay VAT on this item?

You need to pay VAT on goods you import at the same level as on goods you buy in Norway.

Question 2:
Why do I need to pay duty on this item?

Today, the majority of item groups are duty-free. Some items, such as clothes and bedclothes, produced outside the EU, are still subject to duty. In “Simplified customs clearance”, a customs rate of 10% is used, which has been set by Norwegian Customs.

Question 3:
Can the deadline for collecting items be extended?

No, the parcel must be collected within 14 days to avoid it being returned.

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