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A Puzzle To Bond Over

They say it's always the small pieces that make the big picture and this personalised photo jigsaw does just that! This custom jigsaw is such a fun way to celebrate your memories. Personalise it with a picture of your friends, family or dog. There are so many things you could choose from!

Father and son playing with puzzle

We all love a puzzle and this one is perfect for anyone, from kids to grandparents and puzzle enthusiasts alike. There’s no denying a personalised jigsaw puzzle is such a unique gift to pass on. It’s also a great way to test out your amateur or professional photography skills and show them off!

500 and 1000 pieces puzzle

NEW! Premium matte finish puzzles with custom printed box (white):
  • 1000 pieces, 66 x 50cm / 26 x 20in
  • 500 pieces, 50 x 38cm / 20 x 15in

Gloss finish puzzles with custom printed box (brown):
  • 300 pieces, 45 x 33cm / 18 x 13in
  • 250 pieces, 38 x 25cm / 15 x 10in
  • 125 pieces, 26 x 18cm / 10.5 x 7in
  • 60 pieces, 18 x 13cm / 7 x 5in

Puzzle sizes comparison

Fun For Everyone

Personalised jigsaw puzzles like this one are a great way to build a bond between people. As one of the oldest games with fans all around the world, it’s an activity the people can do together. It doesn’t matter your age, everyone can get involved. You’ll have fun with the whole family.

Happy family playing with puzzle

A custom jigsaw lets you create brand new memories while celebrating old ones, as you each put the pieces together. This makes it a very special gift for a loved one or friend. When creating your personalised jigsaw puzzle, you can also decide how many pieces you want in the puzzle, depending on how easy or difficult you want it to be! If it’s for little ones, a 60 piece puzzle is ideal, and for those who want a challenge, you’ll love the 1000 piece personalised jigsaw puzzles.

Make It Unique

Print your child's artwork

Want to make your jigsaw personalised? With Printerpix, it’s super easy to make a personal jigsaw puzzle. You have full control over the design to make it look exactly how you want.

Upload your own photo or if you can’t pick just one picture, create a collage with several images! You can choose from one of our themes, adjust the layout and even change the background colour of your photo jigsaw puzzle. As well as your own photos, you can add clipart, a border and text to make it stand out. If it’s a gift, add a thoughtful note, memorable quote or funny memory.

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