Personalised Gifts

Personalised Photo & Print Gifts

Gift-giving is wonderful, but it can sometimes be tricky deciding on the ideal present. Selecting the perfect gift to honour a friend, celebrate a family member, or cheer up a coworker can turn into quite the challenge. At Printerpix, our personalised gifts make gift-giving easier, more personal, and more fun.

We all have photographs that define a friendship or relationship. Maybe it’s the photo of you and your best friend graduating from university. Or maybe it’s the photo of your dad sneaking you a cookie as you both anxiously await a holiday meal. Whatever the photo, it’s time to take it off the shelf and to use it to make the perfect photo gift. 

Do you have a friend who just started her dream new job? A mouse pad featuring that photo of you two from your primary school career day would be a great way to make her new office a bit homier. Are you looking for a gift that’s more practical? With a personalised face mask, you can put a custom spin on staying healthy and safe that will make your friends and family smile. From wooden puzzles to key rings, Printerpix makes it easy to create stunning personalised photo gifts for the people you love most.

From birthdays and graduations to holidays and “just letting you know I care,” picture gifts are a thoughtful, fun, and unique way to celebrate the people in your life. With Printerpix, you can use your best and most treasured memories to create customised gifts that will really wow your friends and family. The only risk here is setting that gift-giving bar a bit too high!