Recommended resolution guide

For the best quality, you should pick a print size that is appropriate to the resolution of your image. If one of our warning symbols come up, try ordering a smaller print size. If you wish, you can contact us for advice.

The following table shows the minimum acceptable image size in pixels for each print size (based on the longest edge).
Product / longest side


5" accessories
6" cards, coasters, mug, mousemat
A4 12"
16x16" cushions, A3 poster
40x30cm and 40cm square canvases
A2 poster
50x40, 60x40cm canvas
70cm square canvas
80x53.5cm canvas
110x47cm canvas
Minimum no. of pixels across
(minimum megapixels)
200 pixels ( < 1m )
300 pixels ( < 1m )
600 pixels ( < 1m )
600 pixels ( 1m )
800 pixels ( 1m )
900 pixels ( 1m )

1000 pixels ( 1.3m )

1200 pixels ( 1.3m )
1250 pixels ( 1.5m )
1500 pixels ( 2m )
1500 pixels ( 2m )
1500 pixels ( 2m )
2000 pixels ( 2.5m )
2250 pixels ( 2.5m )
2500 pixels ( 3m )
Preferred no. of pixels across 
(preferred megapixels)
400+ pixels ( < 1m )
800+ pixels ( < 1m )
1200+ pixels ( 2m + )
1200+ pixels ( 2m + )
1600+ pixels ( 3m + )
1600+ pixels ( 3m + )
2000+ pixels ( 4m + )
2000+ pixels ( 4m + )
2000+ pixels ( 4m + )
2400+ pixels ( 4m + )
3000+ pixels ( 4m + )
3000+ pixels ( 4m + )
3000+ pixels ( 4m + )
3000+ pixels ( 4m + )
3000+ pixels ( 4m + )

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