Personalised Blankets

Blankets are arguably the most intimate objects in our homes. They cover us when we are cold, comfort us in moments of sadness and fear, and are a crucial part of late-night movie sessions and afternoon cuddles. With everything that blankets mean to us, it’s only fitting that we should cover them in images of the people and memories we love most.

Our personalised blankets allow you to create your own fleece blankets using your favorite photos and images. Maybe you are cuddling up to a blanket decorated with photos of you and your partner on nights when they are traveling for work. Or perhaps you are creating a throw with images of your family for the college or grad student in your life. Photo blankets offer a unique and meaningful way to keep those who are close to you even closer.

Whether you are gifting your custom blanket or making one for your own home, picture blankets are a stylish and thoughtful way to celebrate life’s big occasions or just to add a personal touch to any home or office space.

Our homes, offices, and living spaces are our statement to the world about who we are, who we love, and what we hold most dear. Personalised photo blankets are a great way to add a touch of “you” to any space you inhabit.

Create Lasting Memories with Photo Blankets

Memories are priceless, and what better way to cherish them than with our personalised blankets. These unique keepsakes allow you to surround yourself with your fondest memories, creating a tangible way to preserve and celebrate life's special moments. Whether it's a family portrait, a beloved pet, or a favourite holiday spot, our photo blankets bring your memories to life in a whole new way. With over a decade in photo blanket printing, Printerpix is your go-to destination for creating a personalised blanket that’s guaranteed to last a lifetime.

How to Make a Blanket with Photos

The first step in making a photo blanket is to gather the photos you want to include. Choose images that hold special meaning or represent moments that you want to cherish forever. Like that stunning wedding portrait or that family trip to the beach! Next, choose the type and size of the personalised blanket that suits your preferences. Whether you prefer a cosy fleece blanket, a sherpa fleece blanket, or a blanket for a cat, consider the size that best fits your needs. We provide baby, medium, throw and queen sizes. Once you’ve selected your photo blanket type, it's time to start customising your design (the really fun part). Use our user-friendly online design tool to upload your photos and arrange them on the personalised blanket. You can adjust the layout, add text, and even add illustrations to breathe new life you’re your favourite photos! After customising your design, take a moment to preview your photo blanket. Make sure all the pictures are in the desired positions and that any text or graphics look exactly as you want them. This step ensures that you are completely satisfied with the final product. Once you are happy with your photo blanket design, proceed to complete your order – and then we’ll do the rest! It’s never been easier to make a blanket with photos with Printerpix.

Personalised Blankets UK as Home Décor

We create the best personalised blankets in the UK; they’re not just functional, but also serve as a unique and personalised home decor item. Whether draped over the back of a sofa, displayed on a wall, or simply folded at the foot of the bed, a personalised blanket adds a touch of warmth and personality to any space. A personalised dog blanket, would look stunning on your furry friend’s bed! Showcase your favourite memories and make a statement with our stylish photo blankets, and don’t forget to create custom pillows for double the joy! These blankets are not just suitable for kids; our cosy throws make for excellent snuggle blankets for adults. They’re perfectly designed with comfort and style in mind. Crafted from the softest fleece, they’re perfect for snuggling up on chilly evenings or lazy weekends. Whether you're curling up with a good book, watching a movie, or just enjoying a quiet evening at home, our snuggle blankets for adults and kids provide the ultimate cosy experience. Choose from a variety of sizes and designs and wrap yourself in memories that will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Photo Blankets Perfect For Every Occasion

Make any occasion extra special with our personalised blankets made in the UK, perfect for gifting to anyone. If you’re commemorating the arrival of a new baby, create a personalised baby blanket. Made from the softest materials, our photo blankets are gentle on delicate skin and provide a sense of comfort and security. But what sets them apart is the ability to personalise them with the baby's name, birth date, or even their adorable photos. If you’re looking for the perfect anniversary gift, collect your favourite romantic photos (the first date, the first dance…) and get them printed on a wedding photo blanket. Celebrate your day-one hero with a photo blanket for Mum, featuring a precious family picture. And guess what? These soft keepsakes make for wonderful Father’s Day gifts, too. Another adorable idea is to make a photo blanket for your boyfriend – he’ll love his favourite memories printed in high-definition detail. Your grandparents deserve some gifts, too! Our personalised blanket designs make for unique and meaningful gifts that will be treasured for years to come. Celebrate those precious moments by using the best personalised blanket UK maker.