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Perfect as a souvenir of your latest vacation – show off those panoramic landscape shots, as the lay flat binding means your photos flow seamlessly from one page to the next.

Customise your picture book from front to back, including the cover and spine. Our custom photo books start at 20 pages, with additional pages from £1.50. The maximum number of pages per photo book is 200.

Printed on high-quality paper and bound in a customisable hard cover, this lay flat photo book makes a thoughtful and unique gift for someone you love.

200gsm paper; semi-gloss finish

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Great 4.514,226 Reviews onTrustpilot
This photobook was designed...

This photobook was designed by my daughter for my 85th Birthday. Perfect way to preserve memories for ever and everyone to share. Love it.

Gabrielle, 14 Jun 2023

Great holiday keepsake

Another set of photo books received within the week. Excellent quality and a lovely reminder of our Florida holiday.

Lorraine Neale, 26 May 2023

Great result for my latest photo book

Great result for my latest photo book. Very happy with quality of finish and speed of delivery. Excellent value and easy to use software...

S Gray, 30 April 2023

I've been using Printerpix to make my...

I've been using Printerpix to make my photo books for many years and have never been disappointed by the products. The software is really...

Ms Marie Marsh, 20 April 2023

I absolutely loved this website

I absolutely loved this website, so easy to use, save and come back to continue your project at any time. I went for the 60 page large book...

Tommo Thompson, 10 April 2023

My husband love all the...

Being able to create a very personal gift is the best thing about Printerpix. A photo book for any occasion to treasure forever with added...

Denise, 11 April 2023

Perfect Item

Top quality photo book at great price-exactly what I was looking for!

Holly D,2 June 2023

Fantastic service

Needed a last minute photo book. Was really impressed how easy it was to make. Was even more impressed with the speed of delivery using the rush service.

Jane Wileman,24 May 2023

More than a photo album

Turn your photos into a memory keepsake to last a lifetime with this personalised photo album. With pages that lay flat, so nothing is lost in the crease – perfect for a double page spread!

For the special moments

It’s so easy to create – upload your photos, choose a template, layout and then just add any extra details you want, like text!

Photobook types


A hardcover photo book adds that little extra special touch. You can design a beautiful and personal spine, give each photo book the perfect title, indulge in colour codes and start your own collection.


Our leather photo albums have a premium quality look that anyone would appreciate. They’re an age-old tradition that our parents and grandparents did to celebrate the special moments in life.


With pages that lay flat, so nothing gets lost in the crease. Perfect as a souvenir of your latest holiday – show off those panoramic landscape shots, as the lay flat binding means your photos flow seamlessly from one page to the next.

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With millions of happy customers worldwide, we’re experienced at what we do, and we guarantee our photo gifts will spread joy to you and your family.
Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee means if you’re not happy, we won’t rest until you are. We know how precious your photo memories are. That’s why we’re committed to your satisfaction.
Our customer support team are always on hand to help and we’ll do whatever it takes to make it right, whether that’s a reprint of your order or your money back. That’s guaranteed.
At Printerpix, our mission is bringing people together with our custom photo gifts. That’s why we’re constantly working and improving to give you the best-ever quality products that you deserve.

If you're planning to place an order for more than 10 items of a given product we have amazing special discounts for you. Please visit our Large Order Page to make an enquiry.

If you're a creative professional, you know how important it is to have a strong portfolio that showcases your work. And while there are plenty of ways to present your projects, a layflat photo book is a unique and impressive option. Whether you’re a professional photographer, a graphic designer or an illustrator, make the best photo book online to stand out from the crowd. Choose your favourite photos and get ready to wow them with your high-quality lay flat photo album.

If you want to display your photos in a stunning and seamless way, then layflat photo books are the perfect choice. Showcase your panoramic shots across two pages without any interruption or design colourful full-page spreads. Have lots of large group shots with friends and family? Put them all in a custom layflat picture book, so none of your special photos will vanish into the spine.

The best photo books are made with high-quality materials, but they still require proper care to ensure they last a lifetime. To care for your personalised layflat photo book, keep it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and moisture. When needed, use a soft cloth to wipe down the cover and pages, and avoid bending or folding the pages to prevent damage.

The cover is the first thing that catches the eye, so why not make it stand out? Personalise the cover of your picture album with your favourite snapshot. Say if you’re making a lay flat wedding photo book, try a stunning sunset portrait or a candid moment during the reception. Or if you’re creating a baby photo album, think about customising the cover with a photo of their first smile or steps for an extra special touch.

Why create a layflat photo book?

If you’ve got a lot of panoramic shots our layflat photo books will satisfy all your photo book printing needs. These UK photo books with their sturdy hardcovers are perfect for holding 200 silky pages of your favourite stories. These timeless photo album books not only offer protection with their durable covers but also showcase your cherished moments on our high-quality glossy photo paper (400gsm). Perfect for baby books, but also reproducing family pictures, travel snaps, and more.

But wait, there's more you can do with your digital photo album! Get creative by customising the cover and spine with a sweet or fun message for that extra unique touch. Whether it's the family name, your initials, or your wedding date, rest assured they'll appreciate this personal gesture. Make a photobook today for a keepsake that’ll be treasured forever.

Think about all those special moments that deserve to be pulled out from the camera roll and printed inside a beautiful photo album book. Maybe it's your little one's first year, full of smiles, giggles, and wobbly steps. Or perhaps you're a food lover with a bunch of family recipes that deserve the spotlight. Whether it's your epic cross-country road trip or that peaceful cabin getaway, a photo book is where you can keep those awesome memories. These were moments filled with people and experiences you'll want to remember forever, so a photo book to grace your coffee table or bookcase is the way to go. And if you want to add a bit of extra style to your UK photo books, you can upgrade to 190gsm lustre paper for a small extra cost. Your photos, your style – create a photo book that you can call your own.

How do I take care of my photo books?

Taking care of your photo books is crucial to ensure that they last for years and continue to preserve your cherished memories in pristine condition. Here are some essential tips for maintaining your coffee table photo album! Store your books in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures, as prolonged exposure to sunlight and humidity can cause fading and damage to the pages over time. Handle your photo album books with clean hands to prevent transferring oils and dirt onto the pages. If your photo books become dusty, use a soft, clean cloth to gently wipe the covers and pages, avoiding harsh cleaning chemicals or abrasive materials that could scratch the pages. And when showcasing your photo book, choose a spot where they won't be exposed to direct sunlight or excessive moisture, such as bookshelves, coffee tables, or display cabinets with glass doors. By following these care tips, you can ensure that your high-quality UK photo books remain in excellent condition for years to come.

What is the easiest site to make photo books?

Printerpix! Yes, our photo books are incredibly easy to make, even if you're not a design expert. With our modern online photo book maker, creating a photo album book is an easy breezy process. Simply select the photos you want to include in your photo book. You can upload them from your computer, mobile or even import them from social media accounts. Next, select a template to create a photo book. We offer a range of templates to suit different occasions and styles. You can choose one that fits your vision or start from scratch if you prefer. The next thing to do is add your selected photos to the template, arrange them as you like, and include captions or text if desired. You can also choose background colours, layouts, and other design elements to create a photo book that’s one-of-a-kind! Whether you're interested in coffee table photo album, a travel scrapbook, or a family memory book, you can easily create a beautiful, photo album book with ease. Check out our article on ideas for your next photo book, once you're finished with your current project. We recommend making a Window Cutout Photo Book next – let your chosen photo peep through the square window!

Can I create my photo book anywhere?

Yes, you can create your photo book from anywhere and any device including mobile, desktop, or social media accounts! This means you can work on your photo book from the comfort of your own home, a coffee shop, or even while traveling. Use our platform's user-friendly design tool to create a photo book. You can arrange photos, add captions, choose layouts, and personalise every aspect of your book. Whether you're at your friend’s house, on vacation, or anywhere else, you can create a photo album book and relive your cherished memories with ease.

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