Leather Photo Books

Leather is durable. It is sophisticated. It is timeless. That makes it the ideal material for preserving your most precious memories. That is why we offer a premium bonded leather cover for your photo book. For our leather-bound photo books, we take the highest quality leather and wrap it around a long-lasting hard cover before binding it to your customised pages.


To create your own photo book, start by selecting the size and number of pages you want. We have books that are 20cm by 20cm, A4 landscape or A4 portrait. You can have 26, 40 or 100 pages, so you can include as many photographs as you like.

Once you have chosen the size of book you want, upload your favourite photos using our simple uploader. You can then select a theme and let our automatic program design your book for you.

If you’d like a little more control over your book, simply select the customisation button. You can then select your own background, image placement and the sizes of the photos. You can add border and text and even clip art. Then all you need to do is preview your book, and once you’re happy with it, add it to your basket and check out. 

You can even choose a premium paper option to ensure your memories last even longer. 

Our leather-bound photo books make great gifts for Father’s Day, graduations and birthdays. You can also make memory books of great holidays, a baby’s first moments and your wedding day.

Whatever you want to remember, when you want your photographs to last a lifetime, you want to put them in one of our high-quality photo books. If you select our leather cover for your photo book, you create a photo book that will look great through the years.

Create your photo book now!